27. August 2020

Crypto.com Coin consolidates in the TOP 10 of the main cryptomontages

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Among the crypto currencies there are multiple projects that, despite their characteristics, do not get the attention they deserve, as was the case with Crypto.com Coin. However, since July, Crypto.com Coin has been consolidated in the TOP 10 of cryptomontages.

Within the crypt world there is a lot of talk about the problem of scalability of cryptomonkets. But still, to date, no efficient solution has been found to this obstacle for the development of coins like Bitcoin. That’s why Crypto.com Coin, the crypto coin that is consolidated in the TOP 10, tries to bring a solution.

Crypto.com is, in theory, the solution to all the above problems. This platform promises (using the blockchain technology) to become the perfect means to make and receive payments in crypto-currencies, as well as to invest and even provide loans with them.

For this reason, it has increasingly demanded the attention of crypto users. Thus, Crypto.com Coin is consolidated in the TOP 10.

Crypto.com Coin in review

Climbing on Crypto.com Coin in the TOP of cryptomontages
Without a doubt, Crypto.com Coin’s main achievement is the speed achieved in its chain of blocks. Since it works on the basis of 50,000 operations per second. A figure impossible to reach for any other cryptomoney.

Also, Crypto.com Coin, has focused on reforming within the sector to such an extent that it offers physical debit cards backed by the VISA brand. This is something that cryptomoney users have deeply desired, and Crypto.com Coin has been able to achieve it.

In spite of the drop that Crypto.com Coin had in the last 24 hours in its market capitalization, this has not defeated nor dethroned the TOP 10 crypto currency, because its other benefits and figures have managed to place it in a consolidated way in such position.

Crypto.com Coin is consolidated in the TOP 10 of the cryptomontages, positioning itself in the 9th position, despite its drop in the last 24 hours.

According to CoinMarketCap, Crypto.com Iq Option has a historical return on investment of 752.17% at the time of writing, making it once and for all enter the TOP 10 of the best crypto currencies at this time.

In the same way, it is positioned in the position number 9 of the TOP 10, at the moment of being written this article

Meanwhile, its market capitalization is about 3 billion dollars to date and has been rising for a few months now.