29. Januar 2021

Elon Musk says on Twitter that Bitcoin is “inevitable”: Troll or not, BTC takes + 20% in a second!

Von admin

Hi to all of you,

As you may know, technical analysis and me are two .

But there are curious moments that we do not necessarily expect that sometimes arise without warning

And this morning is one of them: if you hang out on Twitter , you might have been surprised to see the astonishing Elon Musk now displaying Bitcoin’s colors on his profile … and even that he let himself go – anthology troll or not, who knows – to declare that “it was inevitable anyway, in hindsight” .

No time to wink as Bitcoin ignited , offering us crazy round trip candles … to the delight (or misfortune) of compulsive bettors

At the time of this writing, Bitcoin Machine has therefore taken off from 26,000 euros and wheelbarrows to 31,300 € … in the greatest of calm. Whether it was a deliberate Elon Musk troll or not does not matter: once again, Bitcoin demonstrates its ability to … go all over the place , from second to second.

There is no doubt that we will come back in more detail on what is happening, but for the moment, only one instruction: fasten your seat belts… nobody knows where all this could lead us!