6. Juni 2023

Go Green with Trust: The Fision Uses Blockchain to Ensure Sustainable Fashion

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• The Fision is a company that creates T-shirts from trustfully sourced cotton using blockchain technology to ensure transparency and traceability.
• CEO Josh Gelder explains the mission behind The Fision, which is to inspire change in the fashion industry by utilizing modern technologies.
• The materials used are 80 percent Good Earth Cotton, which comes from sustainable farming methods that promote soil health.

The Fision Uses Blockchain

A company called The Fision is using blockchain to create new apparel. T-shirts, to be precise. The firm creates the shirts and sends them out to potential buyers with all of the materials being trustfully sourced cotton, and blockchain technology utilized for full transparency and traceability from start to finish.

The Mission Behind The Fision

CEO Josh Gelder explained in a statement that their team is comprised of industry veterans fueled by a desire to communicate the truth about the environmental and societal costs of current fashion industries. Additionally, they hope to showcase what is possible with modern technology in order to encourage brands across different industries to do the same.

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology has been primarily used in crypto settings as it eliminates third party confirmations of information such as transactions. However, it can also be utilized for traceability purposes; ensuring that goods were not stolen or acquired through illicit practices before they reach consumers. This allows those who purchase items like palm oil have peace of mind knowing that it was sustainably sourced from lawful fields.

The Fision Is A B-Corp

The Fision is a B-Corp meaning that while it’s money driven, its values are mission based with an aim of bettering society and environment simultaneously; making sure all materials used come from sustainable farming methods that promote soil health – 80 percent Good Earth Cotton specifically – thus creating climate positive products too!


In conclusion, The Fision uses blockchain technology combined with their mission-driven values in order to create transparent apparel made only from trustfully sourced cotton while promoting sustainable farming practices at the same time!