7. Oktober 2020

PicPay to charge 1.99% for emergency aid deposits

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On the amount of R$ 600 there is a charge of R$ 12

Picpay payments fintech now charges a fee of 1.99% by debit transfer in the ‚add to wallet‘ option. The charge was not communicated to customers, which generated complaints in Facebook groups.

According to one customer who spoke to Bitcoin’s Portal, she always used the ‚add to wallet‘ service to receive her parcels of emergency assistance and was surprised by the charge.

„I put in the full amount and they didn’t charge any fees,“ she said.

In response, the company sent the following note:

„Since the start of the payment of the emergency aid, PicPay has offered the possibility of transferring the value of the benefit to the digital wallet free of charge, absorbing all operating costs. This no-cost method is still available for the operation by Crypto Code means of a bank ticket. In the case of transfer to the wallet by means of the Caixa card, we are now charging, this week, the rate of 1.99%, following the pattern of other digital wallets“.

The service allows the deposit via boleto that was driven by funds coming from Caixa Tem, Caixa’s app that allows the sending of aid in this modality.

Emergency aid at PicPay
Fintech’s digital wallet is one of the most widely used payment services at the moment. With the pandemic and the release of emergency aid from the federal government, the application has gained 18 million new users.

PicPay is undergoing changes after the rapid growth. The company has been severely criticized on the consumer protection website Reclame Aqui. In six months, the total sum of customer reviews was 79,625 – one every three minutes, as surveyed in early September by the Bitcoin Portal.

The internal system was also adjusted. The fintech app no longer has the Original Bank in the deposit option. The Stone Payments system is now used for transfer services.